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Bergmann germany gambling machine

The disk tester is blocked by this signal so that any further disks which are inserted will be guided into a return channel. The oscillator itself controls a switching device, which in the embodiment here shown comprises a shift register 44 and illuminating devices for the individual number fields of the number field assembly In this case, the microprocessor of the control unit in the zedbet casino housing causes the activation of an additional processor having a random-number generator which determines the win multiplier on the basis of the entered algorithm.

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If the set number is hit, a hit is obtained. The invention relates to a process for operating a coin-operated gaming machine of the roulette type, with a roulette-like number pan and setting keyboard arranged on the front side of the coin-operated gaming gamblign, in which the player fixes the amount of the stake by the insertion of gambliny and subsequent key egrmany, and a microprocessor then determines the game result by means of a random algorithm and, when a set number has been hit, activates the coin output unit for the ejection of the main win, and to a coin-operated gaming machine for carrying out the process. According to a process for operating a slot machine that works as a roulette wheel, the gambler determines the amount of against gambling expansion bergmann germany gambling machine by introducing coins then by pressing selection keys. The setting keyboard 10 has keyboards for the numbers 0 to 12 and keyboards for the high numbers 7 to 12 and for the low numbers 1 to 6 and for hergmann arranged only o the black or only on the red background. In such a case winning signals will then appear upon all the lines 96 and 98 but not upon the lines Gaming machine with a plateaued pay schedule.

The original structure Bergmann Roulette 3. Adjustable FR Germany Bergmann Roulette Machine. Hinterstocker 1 June 25, AUTOMATIC ELECTRONIC GAMING MACHINE OF THE ROULETTE TYPE Inventor: Adolf Hinterstocker, Roggersdorf,. Germany. Original German Bergmann Roulette Machines Place of origin: Cyprus, Limassol; Type: Slot Machine; Material: Metal, Wood; Size: 50 x x cm; Player.

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